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When i let go of what I am, i become what i might be...... Lao Tzu

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Don't ask what the world needs, Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it! Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.... Howard Thurman

  Candace being a climber, soccer player and acrobat stepped into her dedicated practice as a yogini New Years Day 2005. This passion for yoga has continued to heal her own life as well as lead a more compassionate life of service as a Bodhisattva. Practicing meditation with the Dharma Punx, her recent teacher training with StreetYoga in Seattle Nov 2010 has unfolded a new creation of yoga classes that include breathing meditation, qi gong, pranayama and a little silliness from the circus that is being directed towards abused youth at risk and elderly in need.

Candace has scheduled two intensive trainings for early 2011 with a month long Qi Gong teacher training as well as a foundational Forrest Yoga teacher training. Candace has always been a teacher at heart, and is as she says over-educated with the recent completion of a PhD in Environmental Science.

On a mission to save the forests, she has taught healing by understanding that all things are connected, and that each choice one makes has an impact. To heal oneself is and can only be the first step to healing the planet. Her hopes for the future are to offer free yoga in the park and free education. An idealist that likes to laugh at herself, she is a musician, a vagabond, an explorer and wants to join the Lunar Circus in Western Australia someday just for fun!


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