vocational village

winter term 2004


week one

1/5 Monday   1/7 Wednesday  

ecofootprint quiz


snow day



week two

1/12   1/14  

Intro to environmental sustainability and the ecofootprint

Ecofootprint quiz *** Turn the Tide challenge wpe1.jpg (1390 bytes)

email ecoftprint total acres to gossen@pdx.edu

Living Planet Report 2002

seafood watch 

notes week one

Heat project issued


population and consumption


ecohunt adventure issued

additional reading reference D. Lorey (3) R. Kates, "Population and Consumption: What We Know, What We Need to Know"   p. 37




week three

1/19   1/21  

no school

MLK holiday

walking tour alternative buildings around portland



The Built Environment


house paper

ecohunt adventure due

design by nature

typical american

video: ecological design (www.designoutlaws.com)


week four

1/26   1/28  

Modern Architecture - alternative cities

Alternative materials (rammed earth, strawbale, earthships, recycled houses, etc.)

slide presentation 

notes 44 ,45 ,46 ,47 ,51


Modern Architecture - alternative cities
Paolo Soleri and Malcolm Wells

Wells checklist

Recoverring America book issued

Heat project due

video: soleri's cities (can be rented from movie madness)


  2/2   2/4  

week five

Innovations for the Future

Shimisu Megacity video (Discovery channel city in a pyramid)


Recovering America book review due (turn in book)

Wells checklist due




World Urbanism

Rapa Nui

reference sheet to rapa nui (pdf)

Environmental History of the World and Easter Island

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) reading reference "Easters End" by Jared Diamond,Discover (August 1,1995) D. Lorey p. 205

for online article see ereserve (password gossen)

online streaming video of Rapa Nui http://www.media.pdx.edu/, click on spring 2003 archive, click on gossen, password (gossen.w03)

World Urbanism class notes

video: city in a pyramid


  2/9   2/11  

week six


The Biosphere

reading ref:
Environmental Science by Botkin Kellar   chap 3 & 4

biosphere1 notes





The Biosphere2

reading ref:
Environmental Science by Botkin Kellar   chap 3 & 4

biosphere2 notes

biosphere2notes (no photos)

biosphere quiz

Preparing for Research Papers:
PSU library resource guide for environmental science


  2/16   2/18  

week seven

The Atmosphere

global warming and the greenhouse effect

reading Botkin chap 21 & 24


The Atmosphere

global warming 1

global warming 2

greenhouse effect

the atmosphere quiz


video: cadillac desert-the mercy of nature

cadillac desert notes


  2/23   2/25  

week eight


The Water

Blue Vinyl video

life cycle example of vinyl siding


The Water

remainder of Blue Vinyl

water notes


blue vinyl quiz




the natural environment

solar, wind, water potentials and much more

extra information for your interest in renewables and other water options

water http://www.tnrcc.state.tx.us/exec/sbea/rainwater/need.html

rainwater harvesting in portland http://users.easystreet.com/ersson/

rainwater harvesting guide

Living Machines http://www.oceanarks.org/,

rainwater design in portland

statelinewind energy project, more info stateline

wind from homepower.com


http://www.ocs.orst.edu/ oregon climate service


solar potential http://www.oregonseia.org/re_oregon_solar_resources.htm

sunangle calculator         http://www.susdesign.com/sunangle/

sun chart program http://solardat.uoregon.edu/SunChartProgram.html

Handbook of wetlands

general design for residential wastewater treatment wetlands


week eight


March 1

The Water

clean water act

rainwater harvesting guide (example on how to calculate Rainwater Potential)

George Perkins Marsh reading

Louisiana wetlands notes

louisiana 1, 2, 3

video: Louisiana - barataria


read from botkin keller book: chap. 13 and chap. 27  

March 3

The Land

Once and future landfills by Bill Rathje (see ereserve PSU, click on gossen, unst224a (env. sustainability and click on article)

land quiz


video: cadillac desert - the mercy of nature


week nine


March 8

Oceans, seas and coasts

coralreef guide

oceans (notes)


March 10


oceans quiz

see OMNIMAX Coral Reefs film for 5 extra points, write a review of the film for another 5 extra points

due March 10


Final presentations  Monday March 15

Final Project -- Poster Session

special focus: Air, Land and Water as it is affected by your food of choice

Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Analysis introduced - reading reference "Ecological Design - Sim Van der Ryn"


Eat locally (think globally)," Gretel H. Schueller, Discover magazine May 2001 p.71-77  for online articles above see ereserve (password gossen) Thinking outside of the box: a systems view of packaging by Daniel Imhoff, whole earth winter 2002



study guideline (pdf)


Class Outline & Syllabus

Environmental Sustainability

Catalog description: We hear the words GREEN and earth friendly but what does environmental sustainability really mean?  This class will begin with your own lifestyle assessment and how it affects planet earth. We will use tools like the ecological footprint, life cycle analysis, and ecological design. Through multi-media presentations, question and debate, projects and inquiry, we will discover solutionsto human impact on the environment and the physical nature of planet earth.

Format:    Your webcalendar will be your source of daily readings, projects, assignments issued and due, and various other information. Please check it daily.

Contacting Instructor:    Since your classes are at PSU, the very best way to reach me is by email gossen@pdx.edu. I am available most times and will get back to you quickly.

Attendance Policy: Grading is based on participation, and a concerted effort in learning, Therefor one-hundred percent attendance is expected. You also must attend your normal class periods with your instructor at Voc. village on Tues/Thurs. and  Friday.

Required Texts:    Environmental Science by Botkin Kellar.  The web calendar will have links to readings assigned for class. You will need a computer to either view or print out to view later. The best effective tool is attendance and taking notes.

Supporting and Additional Text Sources:    There are books and reading sources set on reserve at PSU at the library under another course I am teaching at PSU called Env. Sustainabilty UNST224A. Here is a list of references on hold:

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn;    The story of B by Daniel Quinn;     Recovering America by Malcolm Wells;      The Earth Transformed by Andrew Goudie;      Our Ecological Footprint by Wackernagel & Rees;      Human Impact on Ancient Environments by Charles Redman;     Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner;    Building w/ Vision by Watershed media;   

Video Media and online articles:   

You will need the following to access:

First use the campus computers or one that has DSL or some broadband since it is streaming. Dial up won't work.  Second access the page at http://www.media.pdx.edu--scroll down til you see my name and env. Sus. Click on it and enter the password (gossen.w03)

ereserve @ the library http://psu-eres.lib.pdx.edu/courseindex.asp   there are 3 articles online for the class, password is (gossen)

Easters End by Jared Diamond,Discover (August 1,1995)
Once and future landfills by Bill Rathje.
Thinking Outside of the Box

Grading:    is cumulative, meaning each project, assignment, quiz has value assigned. you will accumulate a total number which is set up at the end of class based on the class average. Late assignments are discouraged.