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We designed this company in 1995 after slowly realizing that our destructive behavior in the nature of architecture was full-blast in the wrong direction. Where was the environmental responsbility of the builders, developers, industry and government that represented the people. Where was the word ecological in the designs? Or solar first? And did we think about the animal, plant, and riparian habitats we were destroying in the creation of the very habitats we were building for humans? Where was this all going?

There are more and more people everyday taking responsbility for their actions, and here at solar7.83 we are taking our first baby steps to create habitats that save the forests, the meadows, and the rivers and oceans, to re-establish habitats for our endangered and future endangered animals, clean up the air we breath and keep mother earth for our children to see as we remember only a short time ago.

solar7.83 recognizes that the habitats we create are only temporary and should be reclaimed by nature when we are finished with it.      recycled house


The materials we use in our designs are natural and local to the area including earth, straw, stone, and recycled materials that keep the embodied energy low in producing building materials.

Our designs and education are founded on the principles of bioclimatic design and passive solar utilization. In simple terms we use the sun's heat to warm the house, capture natural ventilation for cooling, and use thermal mass and earth sheltering as well as natural insulation. Orientation to the site is critical to maintain a sense of space and social function while maintaining a minimum impact on the environment.



Ecological design is based on change, like the changing of the seasons, and the habitats we create should change along with their natural environments.  Understanding is part of the process of knowing ourselves, and being responsible for our decisions brings happiness and peace.




    adobe              lunar eclipse

Embodied energy is part of the reseach we conduct here at solar7.83 and it is critical that the materials we use are recycled, reused or produced in such a manner to consume less energy in the processes of extraction, transportation, construction and operation. They must also be manufactured with accountability of the natural environment for reclamation. The manufacturing process should produce minimum impacts on air emission pollutants, land use, water consumption, trees and fossil fuels. The materials  should also contain no harmful additives and chemicals for the human and animal habitats.





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