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Rapa Nui The Maya lands
pooh's travel around the world Guatemala and Belize (story)


Grant Soccer 2004PE01803A.gif (1307 bytes)    Grant Soccer Photo collage fall 2005 PE01661A.gif (1977 bytes)


Rapa Nui Art Show

RNArt 1 RNArt 2 RNArt 3 RNArt 4
RNArt 5 RNArt 6 RNArt 7 Moai

Shows: (Spring 2003 - Launchbox, Portland, Or.; Spring 2004 & Sept 2005 - Jax Bar and Restaurant; March 2006 - City Hall, Portland, Or)

Sept 2008 AC/VC

Waters of the World Art Show


W2 W3
W4 W5 W6

Shows: (Sept 2005 - Jax Bar and Restaurant, Portland; March 2006 - City Hall, Portland, Or)


AudioCinema Shows March and August 2007

AC/VC flyer and AC/VC pdf

gypsy muse yaxche ronin


deforestation chu frogeye blues


video projects

greenpeace Arizona protest CFCs 1992

adobe, rammed earth & wood - thesis video following greenpeace (same link)

gonzo -earthsheltered strawbale workshop