an introduction to strawbale construction workshop

27 September 2003
Portland Community College one-day workshop

CRN# 43304
Class time: 9 am – 6 pm
Class location: solar7.83 design studio and Launchbox located at 124 SW Yamhill, 2nd floor.

Multi-media Presentation and details workshop that will look at load-bearing and non-load bearing structures, fire and structural testing of strawbale walls, ideas and alternatives to conventional housing. Stuccoes (both natural and cement) will also be discussed. Morning session at launchbox, afternoon tour of strawbale structures, gonzo and hands-on stuccoing in Hood River.

Instructor Candace Gossen is principal of solar7.83 design studio and architect of 6 strawbale structures in the Portland area, as well as in Arizona. For more information see

For more information contact Candace Gossen at
To register on-line-- --click on community education classes and search for strawbale workshop, or call 503-977-4933

$75 fee payable to instructor at class meeting
$15 Portland Community College tuition fee