Strawbale Workshop -Gonzo Survival Structure

A 5 day workshop

Sponsored by solar7.83 design studio and Portland Community College

Summer Term 1999

Friday 7/16 - 7/21, 1999

Directions and information packet at mandatory meeting 7/14 Wed  7-9pm

Room 102 at the Portland Metropolitan WTC1, 5600 NE 42nd, Portland, Or

(see Portland Community College Summer catalog for registration info


The site: MOSIER, located approximately 70 miles east of Portland

The Project: A 5 day workshop for a hands-on strawbale and rammed earth – earth shelter.

Accommodations: Tent camping at site with evening meals provided.


No experience necessary, carpentry skills are an asset.



We plan to construct a survival structure using the basic theories of the earthship and the survival pod, utilizing strawbale construction, rammed earth techniques and the earth shelter.


Workshop will include: a 6 hour workday with a 2 hour lecture session including topics of


$300 workshop fee payable to instructor at mandatory meeting Wednesday 14 July, 7-9pm,     See PCC spring catalog.


For more information:

Instructor: Candace Gossen, solar7.83 design studio, 2323 se tamarack ave, portland, oregon 97214, 503.238.6613 fax 208.361.6882

email or visit us at: