Ecological Architecture

winter 2006
January 11 through February 1– Wednesdays (6 pm to 9 pm)

Course Description:
Instructor: Candace Gossen, solar7.83 design studio
Architecture design & retrofits using solar with rainwater collection design & ideas; wastewater recycling: ecological alternatives like earth, strawbale, papercrete, ways to reduce kwh, & lots more

4 weeks of 3 hour multi-media presentation, lectures, design and discussions. Objective: Your final project at end of class complete 

Location and Fees:
PCC Tuition: $29 pay direct to PCC;   Fees: $125 payable to instructor at first class Jan. 11

To register online, click on this link to Portland Community College . This class is listed under Environmental Studies.

Tentative Syllabus


week one


introduction to alternative materials, slide show

Project issued: article on alternative architecture in Northwest due at next class;

survey/site analysis of building to use for project due at next class:

locate: solar directions; wind; drainage direction; sq. ft. of building on site; landsape; topography notes drawn to scale on 11 x 17 sheet of paper preferable

week two



solar profiles and site analysis oregon climate service

solar potential

sunangle calculator

sun chart program

project: solar angle profile


photovoltaics and renewable energy design

solar, wind, water potentials and much more

wind from

USDOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The Rocky Mountain Research Center

statelinewind energy project, more info stateline

Project: pv design

week three



solar water heating and hydronic space heating

Oregon State Energy Office

ASES National Solar Home Tour


project: water heating design

week four



rainwater catchment


rainwater harvesting in portland

rainwater harvesting guide

rainwater design in portland

Rainwater harvesting


biological wastewater systems (compost toilets, vermiculture, and living machines)

clivus greywater systems

Humanure Handbook: A guide to composting human manure, by Joseph Jenkins

Builder's Greywater Guide: Installation of greywater systems in new construction and remodeling by Art Ludwig

Handbook of wetlands

general design for residential wastewater treatment wetlands


Final Project is due at last class. Format up to 11 x 17.

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