ARCH 131 - Sustainable Structures

fall 2003


week one


Sept. 23

Introduction to Sustainable Structures

Sept. 25

House, consumption and world urbanism

presentation notes HOUSE, World Urbanism

journal article #1 -- human impact on landscape

week two Sept 30

ecofootprint and the natural environment

wpe2.jpg (1173 bytes)ecofootprint quiz

turn the tidewpe1.jpg (1390 bytes)

lecture internet references: oregon climate service

solar potential

sunangle calculator

sun chart program



rainwater harvesting in portland

rainwater harvesting guide


journal article #1 due

Oct 2

the natural environment

solar, wind, water potentials and much more

wind from

rainwater design in portland


ASES National Solar Home Tour


Bend (pdf)

Eugene see ( Tom Scott, The Energy Service Co., 399 E. 10th Ave, Eugene, Or. 97401, 541.302.6808, email

project: solar angle profile & rainwater collection



week three Oct 7

ecological design video


Oct 9

class field trip #1 to Sylvania Strawbale Structure (meet at structure at 4pm, tour with instr. David Berger)

one page review of PCC SB Structure

week four Oct 14

Earth Shelters

Malcolm Wells


USDOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Oct 16

Earth Shelters

an earth shelter dissertation

The Rocky Mountain Research Center

one page review of PCC SB due

solar angle profile & rainwater  due



week five

Oct 21

Rammed Earth/Adobe

slide presentation

project: jar test

Oct 23

Rammed Earth/Adobe and more

video: from the ground up

reference links:

Rammed Earth

Pise' (pneumatic)

Rammed Earth Homes



book review building w/ vision

week six

Oct 28

guest lecture:

green contractors

wells checklist (use this to assess your house to include in your project book)


Oct 30

Building News Alternative Materials

project due: jar test

book review building w/ vision

week seven

Nov 4

Strawbale Houses

video: a strawbale home tour

final project program issued

Nov 6

Strawbale Houses

Field Trip #2  --Satuday Nov. 8         (9am meet at Tamrack project 2323 se tamarack ave, portland)

project: review of field trip

week eight

Nov 11


no class

Nov 13

Solar Greenhouses

project due: review of field trip

Living Machines/vermiculture

treating wastewater naturally

project: design of biological wastewater treatment


week nine

Nov 18

living machines revisited

natural wetlands video

project due:design of biological wastewater treatment

Nov 20


project: work on final

week ten

Nov 25

solar water heating

project: work on final

Nov 27

No class - thanksgiving

week eleven Dec 2


in class work on final project

Dec 4

work day


Project due at class time 4pm Dec. 9 - Tuesday


Outline of Pts for Grading

Due Date

9/30 Article #1 - human impact and changing landscapes copied credible journal article 5pts
10/14 PCC Review- strawbale structure at sylvania 2 pages max 10pts
10/14 solar profile and rainwater collection design see project sheet 20 pts
10/30 Book review - building with vision 2 pages max 10 pts
10/30 jar test w/ analysis see project sheet 10 pts
11/4 review of field trip 2 pages max 15pts
11/18 design of biological wastewater treatment see project sheet 20 pts
12/2 final project see project sheet 50pts