Energy & Society - Sci 321   Fall 2009


working concept diagram

energy flow diagram


week one & two

class topic reading assignment Project due
1 intro population & consumption notes ecofpt  
2 film: koyannisqatsi   symbols and society  


3 population and ecology


newnotes wksht

24 hr fieldwork exam

ecoftpt and symbols
4 energy & household use online notes

pdf notes

  Abbey quiz #1


week three & four

5 energy explained class notes

4 questions in notes  answers

Read article

30 to zero in packet as solution to 24 hr no elec exercise


assignment 24 hr project
6 electricity in the west - Cadillac Desert





top 100 power plants

power plants in oregon



questions on energy


Abbey quiz

7 non-renewables coal/gas/oil

coal plant


EPA  Energy Impacts
  Flow Diagram on columbia peer review
8 nuclear decommissioning & yucca mtn.

video-Hopi Land

nuclear article

notes in packet on nuclear & non-renewables

  characters & energy research identified for paper

pollution is merely a resource that isn’t being used properly...Buckminister Fuller



week five

9 Hot Politics human causes of global change

44, 45, 46, 47, 51


in class assignment

1 page max, What are the manipulations of science that support the continued "doubt" whether global warming is real and whether it is man-made or natural causes?

10 global warming & greenhouse effect greenhouse effect

gw1 gw2



scientific method Earth Sci Exp in class


half way there


Mid-Term paper due  Tuesday November 3


week six & seven

11 Global Warming & the Greenhouse Effect


equation in workpack scenarios

for extra credit given in class

ES exp images



SM gif

redo due Thursday

12 ecological design video


UNClimate Change Conference Dec 2009

Mayors adopt Kyoto Protocol


biosphere notes final project issued ES exp due

EC equations due

13 ReDesign America



land use article

group project project sheets
14 solar continued      

field trip Wednesday 11 Nov  Dignity Village 10 am


and ecohunt


week eight & nine

15 ReDesign Am continues Energy Trust of Oregon

Office of Sustainable Development

Oregon State Dept of Renewable Energy


16 wind & biofuels wind power article    

the Salmon Forest film


    ReDesign America project turned in today all questions not answered in class are your responsibility to do

no school Thanksgiving



week ten- (last week of class)

19 The Future City- Shimizu  video      
20 overview

new technologies

  bring an idea to share to class


Dec 4  Friday noon ESM seminar

Dr. Gossen... Easter Island, new discoveries over the last 15k years


Final Presentations Tuesday Dec 8   3:30 - 6pm

Final Project    -    Grading Rubric

viewing at Dignity Village TBA

Christmas Bazaar
 Dec 05-06  from  8:00 am to 6:00  pm  in our Commons Buildings,