fall 2006

Simple Solar #1 (9/25-10/16) M – 6-9pm
Covers it all: Design, sizing, storage details, sun charts, urban & rural solutions, grants & credits for Passive solar design w/thermal mass & insul., water & space heating, and PV.

$100 to instr @ 1st class. Class limit 10

Build w/ Straw (10/17-10/31) T – 6-9pm
Learn how to build your strawbale house/project. History, const. details, fire/structural/code info, Multi-media slides, film and lecture.

$90 to instr @ 1st class. Class limit 14


  Water Solutions (11/1-11/15) W-6-9pm
Collect, reuse & recycle. Rainwater collection, greywater, bioswales & wetland remediation. Bio wastewater including living machines, vermiculture & compost toilets. Design, sizing, codes & tricks.

$90 to instr @ 1st class. Class limit 14


All classes held at the solarstudio, 2323 se tamarack ave, portland or. 97214


sorry if you saw a cordwood workshop here

its cancelled

Bottle Wall Wkshp (10/7) S 9-5
Continue work on cordwood strct building a bottle wall. $75 to instr. Bring boots, gloves, lunch & notebook.

sorry if you saw an ecoroof workshop here

its cancelled


Solar hot tub wkshp (11/4) S 9-12
How do you heat hot tubs, spas and pools with solar? Design, size, draw a system. Learn about heat exchangers and open loop systems. $50 to instr.

All workshops held at the solarstudio unless otherwise indicated, 2323 se tamarack ave, portland or. 97214