The Orangina Story

(the adventure)

Today I am on a mission to sit and read plant morphologies and arriving in the mailbox before I step out the door is Aku-Aku, the story of Easter Island by Thor Heyerdahl. Of course I am intrigued and awaiting reading this book since afterall I am working on my PhD on Easter Island, and this is one book I haven’t read yet.

Thor has been an inspiration to me and teacher in many ways even though we have never met in person, but I do believe my Aku knows his Aku.

This is my story and it begins like this………

Today I am in Minnesota after arriving 8 days ago to complete the pollen
analysis for the samples of lake sediment that I cored 2 years ago on the
island. I am walking reading Aku-Aku and smiling. I am but a few pages
into the book and I arrive for coffee. I sit and begin reading again.

Very shortly two men and a little boy sit next to me. He turns to me and I
smile, but I already know that I will learn something from him. I am guessing he is about 6 years old. The server asks what he would like to drink and an Orangina arrives in the bottle along with a glass of ice with a straw. The little boy turns to his dad and asks how he shall drink it. The dad tells him he can pour it into his cup or just drink it out of the bottle.

The little boy sits in silence for a moment and then replies “ or I could put
the ice in there”
pointing to the bottle. I smiled and said thank you silently.
This was my message, I was this little boy, I wanted the other option, the one that was creative and not obvious.

To think like a child is where our answers lie……. and now my adventure continues.