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The forming of the Eco-Forum:

For 7 years now Candace Gossen and solar7.83 design studio have been offering classes and workshops through Portland Community College’s environmental community ed. program, Portland State University’s ESR and University Studies programs and Saturday Academy as well as building projects through solar7.83. Now they are expanding to the EcoForum, an educational endeavor that will merge 3 prominent ecological designers John Patterson, Jake Gundersen, and Candace Gossen into an ecological education series of workshops, classes and hands-on building projects. Combined they have over 50 years of experience in solar, alternative materials, and ecological solutions to architecture and building,


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John Patterson, Mr. Sun Solar, john@mrsunsolar.com


Jake Gundersen, EcoLogic, ecologicbuilder@yahoo.com

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Candace Gossen, solar7.83 design studio ecogossen@solar783.com




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